Make Your Room The Place To Be

I won’t forget the time I first stepped foot into my freshman dorm.  It seemed so plain and too simple.  I know an essential item to make your dorm that much better…. Cool lights!  

Below I have listed three reasons why lights are an essential dorm item!

  1. Dimmer lighting

I know my dorm freshman year and only two light options, on or off.  There was no dimmer.  This is why having christmas lights or LED lights are great because sometimes when you are just chilling in your room you don’t want it extremely bright, but you also don’t want pitch black!  It is also better for your eyes not to constantly be in bright lighting.  Also another great great benefit is when your roommate is sleeping and you still have work, you can put the lights on, so it is not as bright but you can still see.

  1. Good vibes

Walking into a room with awesome lights just gives off better vibes.  It allows people to be more open and get to know each other.  It also makes your room a great place for people to want and hangout so therefore you can make more friends!  When you look up at the dorms and see rooms lit by different colors you always think what a cool spot that must be!    

  1. Pretty aesthetic 

Lights can make your dorm look so much better.  They turn a simple dorm into a cozy place you call home.  They are truly a great decoration to have and makes living in a small dorm so much better.  

Cool bedroom lighting fixtures are seem so critical to add the beauty of bedroom interiors .

Hopefully this gave you some inspiration to try out some new lighting in your room!

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