English 100 or Welcome to College 100?

As we enter into this new stage of life called college we tend to have high expectations on what our life on campus would be, on the classes we will take, on how rewarding the hard classes will be but that isn’t always the case.

One class that I would recommend blindfolded if available and if needed is English 100. This class is taught in a Socratic seminar manner and is targeted to freshmen, therefore, for someone who has just arrived it is perfect for not only transition from high school into college but also to learn how to use the many online tools that are available for us in MyUW, tools such as the library and its numerous databases. Furthermore, many skills that one might or might have not developed in high schools are explored more thoroughly in this class, public speaking, opinion formation and expression, writing etiquette, and even presentation skills are some of the many skills that are revisited or taught in this class.

English 100 is often taught by TAs who are also graduate students and they will more often than not understand the struggles of coming to a new place for college and how difficult adapting can be, thereafter, making this one of the most flexible classes I have taken in my life. This is not to say that this class is a guaranteed A but if you do put enough effort, then a good grade shouldn’t be far from possible. This class is also great to meet people since many of the projects are developed in groups and also since the size of the class allows one to meet people better.

Choose ENG100 for an awesome class for your first semester. English 100: Introduction to College Composition is available for this 2019 fall, so what are you waiting to put this class in your schedule cart?

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