Look no further for your Thursday night plans: Why you should check out The Shell for Late Night Skate

Photo: Alesha Guenther

Picture this: It’s a Thursday night and you’ve spent your week writing papers, doing homework, going to club meetings, and you are ready for a break. You don’t want to stay out too late but you still want to go somewhere fun with your friends.

Look no further than The Shellnear Camp Randall for Late Night Skate to spend your evening on the ice with some great music and a fun group of people . Late Night Skate is a fun and affordable option for students looking for something different to do on a Thursday night. I also enjoy Late Night Skate because it’s a great way to unwind after a long week and it’s a great source of exercise.

Late Night Skate costs $4 (with an additional $3 rental fee for skates) making it a cheap option for entertainment. Sometimes, my friends and I also like to “treat ourselves” to hot chocolate at the Kwik Trip across the street afterwards to warm up. All in all, I’ve never spent more than $10 on a Thursday evening at Late Night Skate.

Every Thursday features a new theme of music is played during late night skate This means that every Thursday is different and makes it difficult to feel like you are doing the same thing every Thursday. The music selections are advertised ahead of time which makes it easy to plan ahead which nights you’d most like to skate.

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