Kiss That Quarantine Fifteen Goodbye

Okay, so maybe don’t actually kiss it, that might break the CDC’s guidelines. Aside from these guidelines, the government put some additional orders into effect themselves including shutting down public places, with the most significant closure in my book being gyms. With that being said, I’m going to give three suggestions as to how I did and how you can maintain your health and well-being while social distancing.

1. Get Outside

Connecting with nature is one of the few things that hasn’t been taken from us, so get out there, get active, and enjoy the beautiful weather! Watch the sunrise, take your dog for a walk, go on a hike, have a picnic, go hammocking! There are endless possibilities as to what you can do, you just have to make time for it.

2. Channel Your Inner Chef

I recently discovered the website, SuperCook , where you can select all of the ingredients that you currently have in your kitchen and it will generate recipes with those ingredients. It’s super convenient and you can filter it down to your diet, meal type, and cuisine, so go check it out!

3. Stay Active

Create a home gym, you might actually like it better than a public fitness center! There are definitely plenty of options available when it comes to finding online workout programs. You don’t even need equipment, just your body! 

I hope these suggestions help you find positivity in the world during this time of social distancing and COVID-19!

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