It’s Worth More Than A Thousand Words!

This is the time in your life where you are starting over, leaving your old life and entering a journey completely on your own. It sounds scary… and it can be at times; however, there is one key item that everyone, whether they realize it or not, needs. While a computer, a pen, a backpack and a mattress are obvious necessities for a college student, everyone seems to forget how important a picture of your family or friends could be.

It is an exciting time going off to college and starting over. It is exciting to meet new friends and go on new adventures. While the hustle and bustle of college can be exciting, there will be times in your college career where you miss home and the way things used to be.

I am someone who never gets homesick and never likes to look back because the future is so exciting and full of possibilities. As I enter my senior year, I can confidently say that the things that has gotten me through the ups and the downs of college are the photos of my friends, family and dog in my room as a small reminder of the support and love I will always have.

Having a photo of your family, your friends, your dog or even your fish is a safety net. No matter how fast things are going and how quick things might be changing, the reminder of having a family, friends or a pet at home waiting for you is the blanket that will always keep you warm.

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