Is your roommate not doing their share of dishes? Then ComArts 368 could help you out!

This past semester at UW-Madison, I decided to change my major to communication arts. Although not sure what it would entail, one of the required courses I decided to take was ComArts 368. The class is labeled as “The theory and practice of persuasion”. I was immediately intrigued. In this class comprised of about 100-200 people, Professor Lyn Van Swol did a great job making sure there was content that everybody in the class would enjoy. Throughout the class you will learn many different way to persuade a person and how to avoid persuasion when used on you. This three credit class is perfect for anybody who would like to know how to interact better with other people and be able to get them to do what you want. Perfect for a marketing or sales major. By far my favorite part of this class was the persuasion campaign project. You and your group will come up with a topic that you guys want to change. For my group, we wanted the sea turtles to become more preserved. You then pick a plan of attack for how you are going to accomplish your goals. It was a very fun project because you got to implement the many ways of persuasion into a campaign made by you! This makes the class feel more applicable to the outside world. This was my favorite class here at UW-Madison to experience and now, you can too!

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