Interested in Media? Want your essay prompts to be about your favorite movies? You should take CA 250!

Signing up for classes freshman year can be very overwhelming. However, if you are interested in media studies, I know the perfect class for you! You should take Communication Arts 250: Survey of Contemporary Media. This class is available fall 2019!

What is CA 250?

In today’s society many people turn to media. This class dives into why media matters. In this 3-credit course you will study how different forms of media operate, what they do, and what power they hold in society. Specifically students will analyze TV, film, and other digital media, looking at their meanings and representations.

Structure of CA 250

This class has one in class lecture and one discussion each week, both are 50 minutes long. Most classes have at least two lectures each week, but this course has one online lesson each week instead of a second lecture. The online lessons provide important information and furthers student’s knowledge of the concepts being learned that week. Each week there is also an online quiz which is always about 10 questions long. There are only two big paper assignments in this class, and both are on the topic of your favorite movie or TV show! 

Why should I take this course?

I think CA 250 is a great course that every college student should look into taking! Almost every college student uses media in some form or another and it is important people know about the media they are using. Learning where media is created, who it’s created by, and why, is fundamental when so many people rely on media in their everyday lives. 

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