“I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS” first-year college guide to footwear

“Boots, boots and MORE boots”! I said to my freshman year roommate at UW.

Coast to Snow

Tess was from Florida– what seems like a different world to us Midwesterners. Tess was more than unprepared for the winter that Madison had in store for her.

Time to Hang up the Flip-Flops

To start out the fall, the most important type of boot to have is a typical black street boot. This type of boot will get you into the rhythm of and hooked on boot wearing– as it did with Tess. These little black boots will be your best friend on a muddy game day or hike up Bascom. Rolling into the deep winter months, you can never go wrong with a pair of Sorels. These puppies will cozy your toes so much, you may even feel like you’re in Florida. From the Midwestern Floridian, “I recommend the Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots. These boots are the only reason why I made it to class in November”. If you have survived this far, you’re approaching spring time where the perfect boot for you would be a pair of Hunters. Hunter Original Back Adjustable Short boot will make it easy for you to jump in those puddles or maybe even wade in the cool Lake Mendota with excitement for summer break.

Now that summer break has hit, you have three pairs of boots hung in your closet and you are feeling quite alright. Now this was the point that Tess asked, “does this happen every year”, and my only response was that now she is prepared, and so are you!

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