How to Survive UW Madison: POC Edition

Prepare yourselves…

What is a POC, you ask? A POC, or a person of color, is used to define any other person who is not considered white. As a Latinx student before coming to this institution I never used the word POC to self-identify, but after my first-time setting foot on this campus a POC is what I automatically was labeled.
It all started with an invitation to attend a, Admitted Students of Color Day, which is a way that the university tried to celebrate all the non-white admitted students. Next, I was invited to attend a, Students of Color Welcome BBQ, organized by University housing.

I could not believe that a prestigious university would continue to emphasize systematic racism by “othering” non-white students.
I thought to myself that maybe I was overreacting, but after a couple more research and talking to other students, I realized that this has been an ongoing problem.

An ongoing problem that is constantly shutting students’ voices from speaking out. The university has provided very few resources for their POC students, from not addressing Hate and Bias reports as well as they should, not prioritizing POC mental health, and ultimately not taking their POC students seriously.

I can’t emphasize how much YOU belong here.
Yes, it may be hard. Yes, you may experience some sort of racism.
But if we don’t continue to make our voices heard, then nothing is going to change.

Although there are very few resources available for POC students here are a some that I have found most helpful…
1. Multicultural Learning Community (MLC) located in Witte Residence Hall

2. Multicultural Student Center a.k.a The Red Gym

         A lot of resources are located here such as the …

  • Black Cultural Center
  • Asian-Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Student Center
  • Latinx Cultural Center
  • LGBTQ+ Campus Center

3. Join a Greek organization

  • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

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