How to Get Involved on Campus through Fitness

Make the most out of your freshmen year experience. Take a walk on the lake paths, rent a bike to explore a little further. Madison is a beautiful place all seasons of the year. 

Freshmen year is a lot about finding what you are interested in outside of your hometown. I urge you to try new things, tackle new workout classes, meet new people, and get involved in organizations. 

Here are a few suggestions for places to workout around the Madison area:

  1. CYC –  Get on that bike and get moving! Cycologists make killer playlists that can you get pumped up anytime of the day! Check them out! 
  2. Solidcore– Pilates but more fun. This is slow and controlled resistance training! A perfect way to activate your muscles.
  3. Dragonfly–  A hot yoga studio that anyone can enjoy. With amazing instructors that will also double as your friend! You won’t regret checking them out. 
  4. Anytime Fitness-  With the SERF closing, anytime fitness is a great alternative. You can workout anytime in the day!

Get out there and get moving!

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