How to Add Pops of Color to Your Winter Outfits

Picture this, it is your first year at UW-Madison and you are trying to dress yourself to keep warm in the negative degree weather. It is freezing outside so you have no choice but to wear your giant plain-colored puffy parka for the twentieth day of the row, but you are sick of looking so drab all of the time. You realize that in order to boost your spirits you need to add some pops of color to your daily outfits, however, you have never learned how to dress cute for winter fully on your own without help from your parents or siblings at home. No worries! I am here to help boost your style and help you conquer those gloomy winter days!

There are many different ways you can brighten up your style. Here are some examples to help get you started!

  • Add a colorful beanie! This is a classic winter essential and helps keep your ears warm too. Also, don’t worry if you don’t want to do your hair in the morning, a bright beanie will be a great cover-up that will still keep you stylish!
  • Try a funky scarf! Scarfs are the best and most stylish neckwarmers one can buy and will help keep your neck and face warm especially when there is a serious windchill.
  • Put on some bright leggings! Leggings are a typical choice when it comes to choosing a type of pants to put on in the winter. Why not wear some that are colorful! Your giant dark-colored parka covers most of your legs but you can still show off your fun leggings underneath!

These are just a few ways to help boost your style and make your wardrobe at school a little less plain. The winter blues are a serious deal and it never hurts to add a pop of brightness to your outfits. You never know how much color can make a difference in your mood until you try!

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