Growing Up In College: 3 Life Hacks For Adulting Freshman Year

Coming into college can be very scary. There isn’t the cushion of having your parents to walk you through everything. Even though it’s overwhelming, don’t stress it! Below are three tips to help you transition into an independent college adult.

1.) Get Into The Laundry Groove

Most kids grow up with their parents doing their laundry. Now that you’re on your own it’s not only important to know how to do laundry, but also figure out a good time to do it. Dorm laundry rooms are always busy since there are only a couple washers and dryers for hundreds of people to share. It is important to figure out a good time for you every week when it’s not that busy so you won’t keep having to waste time checking for open machines!

2.) Start Getting Good With Your Money

It is important to keep track of your spending and become good with handling your money. You’re parents won’t be buying you groceries anymore so you need to be efficiently using your meal plan! Try to buy food on your meal plan as much as you can to save from spending other money in a personal bank account that can be used for other things. Just be smart so you don’t get yourself into a messy money situation!

3.) Get a Good Quality Alarm

Classes can be hard to get up for especially if you have an 8:50 am class and were up late the night before. Your mom will no longer be waking you up, so be an adult and make sure to get a good alarm to wake you up!

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