Get Ready to Walk, Walk, Walk, Baby!

Sneakers. While they may not be your top-rated shoe, first-choice footwear in the morning, or most fashionable sole-supporter, it is undoubtable that you’ll need tennis shoes when you come to college. Sure, in the last 18 years you probably have done quite a bit of walking (and think “Eh, I’ll be alright”), maybe even walked several thousands steps in a day, maybe even ran a marathon… good for you! Still,  you NEED tennis shoes. 

 Walking around campus is no joke.  I remember walking to my classes the first few days of school, cute sandals strapped around my toes, and feeling cute as *heck!*, but my feet were already aching by 10AM… I know I thought to myself on multiple occasions, “Geez,  how much further?”  If you couldn’t have already guessed, I learned the power of sneakers quickly.  Within a week or two, I was wearing some sort of sneaker to class almost daily. They’re comfy, can be stylish, and so much better for walking long distances. Have I convinced you yet?

Let’s face it. Sneakers are going to be a necessity in college. No matter how cute you want to be, you’ll quickly learn that comfort is key here on campus. I promise there are still plenty of ways to jazz up your outfit even with a simple sneaker. And besides, you’re in college now, you’re using your brain for much more important and time-consuming matters than thinking about achy feet. So, take it from me: Don’t sacrifice your well-being for fashion… at the end of the day, no one’s really looking there anyway:)

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