Gearing Up for Game Day

Coming to a school like UW-Madison, spirit is the name of the game. Every Saturday, State Street is flooded with red and white as students prepare to “jump around” and cheer on the Badgers. Game day is thrilling, fun, and prideful; there’s truly nothing better than being decked out in Bucky face stickers and Wisconsin basketball jerseys while you walk over to Camp Randall with your college friends. Coming to Madison with some proper game day gear is a must — here are some pieces you’re going to want to bring with you to be ready for football season!

Bucky Leggings

These stretchy leggings are a classic freshman year game day staple item. Covered in every inch with the spirited face of Bucky Badger, these are the perfect pants to twin with your best friends or to match any of your red and white Wisconsin tops. You can purchase them to add to your Badger collection right on campus at the bookstore!

Vintage Sweatshirts

Whether it’s a crewneck, hoodie, or a windbreaker, you’re gonna need some warmer game day gear as the football season dips into late November. Vintage Wisconsin sweatshirts are the incredible trendy touch you’ll need to layer up for tailgating! They’re easy to come by on online platforms like Etsy and Poshmark. Trust me, your friends will be dying to borrow yours once you show it off.

Butterfly Clips

Game day outfits are never complete without a fun party hairstyle. Butterfly clips are an adorable 90’s trend that came back into practice, and they’re the easiest way to spice up your look for tailgate photos with your friends. Adding red and white to your hair will give you the perfect pulled-back, cute look to bring together any Badger fan.

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