Forgotten Libraries at UW – Madison

For all of you incoming freshman, I’m sure you will receive plenty of advice on study tactics, ways to avoid homework when possible, and how to focus when you need to. What a lot of people don’t tell you is how many incredible libraries are available that a lot of people don’t even know about. Sure, you’ve probably heard of College Library or Memorial Library, the two most populate libraries on campus. But people don’t tell you how ridiculously crowded and inaccessible these can get, especially around exam times. I am here to tell you my top four underrated and sometimes unknown libraries that I discovered after my freshman year.

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1.) Historical Society – This library is awesome. It has incredible architecture, and it is silent at all times, which is perfect for focusing. And it even has those green lamps and wooden tables that give it that old-timey feel!

2.) MERIT Library – This library is a bit more secluded then some of the others. It isn’t super well known, so there aren’t usually many people there, and even when there is, it remains relatively quiet. And this place has a decent computer lab.

3.) Wendt Library – This is an excellent place if you are in need of a computer or specific program. There are several computer labs and university laptops available to use. And the rooms are typically oriented for collaboration: great for group projects!

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4.) Business Library – This one is great because it was recently redone. It has great new features, and is easily accessible with its central campus location. It can get busy, but not nearly as bad as College or Memorial.

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