First College Final Week? Here’s the Cheat Sheet…

Although you may just get into school when you read this, just imagine:

The Final Week is COMING!!!


No time for procrastination! Your panic monster, the screaming red monster in the picture, comes out. He gets the wheel back to you, the shocked guy, from the instant gratification monkey who is controlling the wheel. (For more information for the “monster-monkey-you” procrastination model, click HERE)

Then what?

You finally get to control yourself to do some study, but don’t know how?

Here it is, the cheat sheet that can save you from war of final week! Just read it:

Collage-Final Week Challenge

Step 1: Planning Ahead

Make a study plan at least a week before your first final comes. Even if you may have 100+ pages of reading to cover, at least you know it a week before. Don’t know how to make a plan? Grab a time management file from GUTS and start!

Step 2: Get a Spot in Library

(and maybe a cup of free coffee as well :D)

During final week, library is not only a great place for study, as it may extend its hour, but also a place with many free stuffs! Don’t miss the coffee!

Step 3: Go to Review Session

Some courses offer review sessions before exam. That might be your last chance to meet your TAs and ask them to save you from tons of confusing questions. Add the session to your plan, go through as many questions as you can beforehand, and go to see your TAs with questions!

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