Fine Dining Spotlight: Cento

Sometimes we want to enjoy the finer things in life, but without breaking the bank. And although places like Rare Steakhouse offer some amazing food, it’s a tough sell when the prices for just your meal is $50 – over $100. That’s why it’s time we check out Cento: a fine dining Italian restaurant with some surprisingly affordable meals.

Cento is located conveniently downtown on the corner of Mifflin and Fairchild and its hard to miss with its classic blue and yellow sign sticking out from the corner of the building. Take one step inside and you are immediately met with a modern take to the Italian restaurant with its white interior, hardwood floors, and ambiance lighting.

And Cento doesn’t just have the look of a nice restaurant, the food there is delicious! The menu features some great pizza and pasta options that are all around $15 – a very good price to be able to enjoy some fine dining! The menu doesn’t end there, though. Cento offers lots of options from appetizers to their more high-end entrees and seafood. So yes – if you are feeling up for it – you can definitely splurge at Cento with a $60 Beef Ribeye meal. That is what is so amazing about it, while Cento has its more affordable options, you can still get the classic fine dining experience through ordering a fancier entree.

So whether you want to have a date night, or a night out with some friends, Cento will have options that make everyone happy. Do yourself a favor and try one of the best Italian restaurants in Madison and book your reservation to Cento.


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