Fashion Tips for Wisconsin Gamedays

Gamedays are some of the best days at UW-Madison. Finding original and fun outfits to support the team can be difficult. Many people, myself included, buy clothes from shops specifically selling tailgating clothes such as Recess Apparel, a popular brand for Wisconsin gameday clothes. While many of their clothes are cute, you’ll likely be wearing the same thing as many people when you buy from shops like these. I have two tips to avoid this: thrift clothes and make them yourself.

Some of my favorite gameday outfits are one’s that I have thrifted or made myself. If you are looking online for vintage Wisconsin items shop at Etsy or Depop. My friends and I have all bought vintage items from these two shops and loved them. If you want to shop in person, I recommend Singlestitch on State Street. While Singlestitch can be a bit pricey, they have a section dedicated to cool vintage Wisconsin clothing. I recommend getting a nice Wisconsin jacket that you can throw on and instantly elevate your outfit. I got one from Singlestitch and my friends constantly borrow it. Another great way to have original outfits is to make them yourself. In the bookstore, they sell all different styles of iron-on patches that you can use to customize your clothes. My friends and I have customized shirts, jeans, and more and they all turned out awesome. 

At the end of the day, badger gamedays are about having fun. Wear what you feel comfortable in and you’ll have a great time! Just make sure you dress warmly when it gets cold because you will always regret choosing fashion over function when you’re in the stadium.

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