Fashion on Campus

Transitioning from high school to College is a huge step in life. You now have a bit more freedom on deciding what you would like to wear and what clothes you want to buy more than when you were back home with your parents. How do you know what to prepare for as you enter college? I’m glad you asked, there are 3 main categories that work no matter the situation.


First off everyone needs a few casual outfits for everyday life, going to class and hanging out with friends. This can be simple and comfortable as; sneakers, shorts and a graphic T-shirt. Casual is usually the time to express yourself freely without adhering to a dress code.

Business Casual

Next the business casual look. This category is primarily used for class presentations, interview for a job on campus, or convention in which you will be meeting new people or organizations. Many get confused when someone says business casual, they tend to think it means button up shirt with a jacket & tie. All it means is that you can put together a pair of comfortable slacks along with a polo shirt or button up if you prefer and top it all off with a nice pair of shoes.


Finally the last category is formal, I like to simply describe this as Suit & Tie. If you have a school banquet, Award ceremony, or a formal dance you will want a Jacket and Tie. This situation usually won’t come up often but when they do you want to be prepared and dressed to impress!

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