Eat Smart

College can be hard! You have to make sure you get to class, find enough time to study while also being social and having fun, schedule your own appointments, and much more. With all of that to keep track of, food and nutrition often fall to the wayside, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Here are a few tips for making the most of your meals!

  • Meal Prep
    • Take some time on a day of the week when you know you’ll have time to cook up a batch of something that you can pack portions of so that you can just grab your pack and a snack to bring with for the day and you’re set!
  • Leftovers Are King
    • Whether you’re out to eat or cooking at home, keep some Tupperware around. Even if you only have a few fries or a tiny bit of veggies left, they can become a side-dish or component to another meal.
  • Mix and Match
    • When you’re cooking, from leftovers or from scratch, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Take a side¬†from one night and pair it with some new protein and a quick sauce and there’s a new meal. Have some leftover chicken? Microwave a potato and you’ve got another meal!
  • Microwave Magic
    • Many assume the microwave is reserved for soup and popcorn, but it’s much more than that! See a previous post (Cooking Without a Kitchen) for some tips on how to use it to its full potential!
  • Suggested Supplies
    • Slow Cooker
    • Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe Tupperware
    • Seasonings
  • Get Some Inspiration from:¬†

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