Don’t Force a Friendship

If you’re anything like me as freshman, your first priority after arriving to college will likely be making new friends to weather this experience with! You might even force yourself to get along with a roommate, hometown acquaintance, or even just someone you bumped into! This is normal, as the first few days after moving to college can be scary and lonely, but I have a few tips to make lasting friendships upon your arrival to UW-Madison, while staying true to yourself.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

         It’s unlikely that you’ll meet a new best friend in the first weeks of college—and that’s okay! This becomes even less likely if you’re expecting every person you meet to become a friend, be open and nice, but don’t force anything. Spend time and energy on people you have a genuine connection with!

  1. Go to Places/Meetings that Interest You

         This can include anywhere from attending art club if you’re into crafting, or just visiting Allen Centennial Garden if you enjoy the outdoors! You never know where your next new friend is, and you’re more likely to get along with people who have similar interests to you. As an additional bonus, this is a great way to explore campus!

  1. Speak Up in Class

          This sounds scary, I know, but I don’t necessarily mean you need to raise your hand and answer every question in your Chem 103 class with hundreds of people. Raising your hand and making yourself known can be a good way to make friends, but it’s not necessary! This can be as simple as asking if the seat next to someone is free, then striking up further conversation!

Using these tips, and remembering that the goal is to create long-term friends with similar interests, I wish you the best of luck in your freshman year!

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