Doing the College Adult Life the Right Way

If you and your friends don’t use the word “adulting” in your daily vocabulary are you really adults? If you ask me the answer is no. The exciting and slightly terrifying thing about college is you have no choice but to thrust yourself into the real world.  Here are some life hacks to ease the pain and make the transition easier.

One of Madison’s many free events, the farmers   market. Image courtesy of Nikki Erdmann

     1. Familiarize yourself with the Madison grocery scene

     I say this because let’s get real honest here you will get tired of the dorm food. There is only so many ways you can mix things up before it all              melts together and feels the same. Knowing what different Madison grocery stores offer will save your wallet and make sure you don’t get the              “freshman 15.”

  1. Take advantage of free events

     School is a full time job, so having another full-time on top of that is too much. Make the money you do have stretch as much as possible. Since           Madison is a college town there’s plenty to do that’s free. There are free street fairs, farmers markets, concerts on the square and the Memorial          Union offers free concerts in the summer.

  1. Student discounts are your friend

     Why not get rewarded for all the stress that comes with being a student and reap the benefits like discounts. Part of “adulting” is not letting a               good deal go to waste. Many online stores like Asos offer student discounts of 10% off and Marcus theaters have student thursdays for $6.


With these life hacks in your pocket you’ll be killing it in no time!

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