Ditch The TV for The Terrace: The Best Places on Campus to Take a Study Break

With this past year being full of online class, it was very tempting to finish class and move the 5 feet from my desk to my bed to watch Netflix before my next class. This was my daily routine for the first weeks of school. I would wake up, sit at my desk watching Zooms, and then get right back in bed to watch Netflix or do schoolwork. To change up my routine, I decided to get out of my room more and utilize everything Madison has to offer. Here are just a few of my personal favorite study break activities.

1. The Terrace

Hands down the best place to relax on campus. Grab some friends and go relax down by the banks of Lake Mendota. Getting out of your room for some fresh air is always a great stress reliever. If you are in Madison currently, make sure to check here for events going on at The Terrace throughout the summer!

2. State Street

There is a variety of venues from sit-down restaurants, to fast food, or my personal favorite the food trucks that line the streets most afternoons. Sometimes you just need a little snack to power you through the rest of the day, if that’s the case, check out State Street next time!

3. Southwest Commuter Trail

Whether you’re riding a bike, or going for a run, the Southwest Commuter Trail offers an easy access path for you to get out for some exercise. With multiple parks located along the route, this is another great way to ditch the electronics and get outdoors!

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