De-Stress with Dogs

Ah yes, college.

You’ve made it. Time to kick back, and enjoy an exciting year full of friends, festivities, and poor decisions. WRONG.


No sooner have you begun classes for the semester when a whirlwind of fear and stress envelopes your being. Your “quick stop” at the library lasts long into the night, until a groggy-glance out the window reveals a pinkish hue on the horizon. It is only now, at dawn, when you realize three things:

  1. You haven’t gotten that much done
  2. You’ve been awake for 24 consecutive hours
  3. You have an 8 AM


Fast forward a couple weeks and several more of these occurrences, and you find yourself at the eye of the storm: spring break. Inconveniently placed between Mid-terms and Finals, this magical week is all about de-stressing; and what better way to do that, than with dogs?

Why Dogs?

Dogs, as we all know, are perfect. They are unselfish bundles of joy, ready to bound into your arms in an everlasting, fluffy hug. As the ultimate people-pleaser, it’s no question why K-9’s have the ability to effortlessly whisk-away any and all stress symptoms. Don’t believe me? Here’s a study that shows why you should.

What If I Don’t Have a Dog?

There are several actions to be taken here, most of which are legal.

Borrow a Friend’s Dog

It’s only weird if you make it weird.

Go to the Local Dog Park

Will you get several strange looks from people who actually own dogs? Yes. But, again, don’t make it weird.

Steal a Dog

Please don’t actually do this. You should always follow the law.



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