Cooking Without a Kitchen

College life is a big change for many, bringing with it independence and responsibilities. One of these newfound tasks is to stay fed. This is something that can seem daunting to many, especially when budgets must be taken into account, but fear not! No matter the budget and regardless of kitchen access, it just takes a microwave and a few ingredients to make some tasty food!

Here’re a few ideas for what to make in the microwave:

1) Scrambled Eggs: Throw an egg in a microwave-safe mug with about a tablespoon of water/milk, whisk it with a fork, microwave it for about a minute and you’ve got eggs!

2) Cakes/Cookies: Though not necessarily a staple, sometimes you need a quick pick-me-up or something to satisfy that sweet-tooth. Most basic recipes call for flour, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt as the base. It may seem like a waste to buy some of these ingredients, but generally, they keep well and will last a long time so even if it’s a little expensive up front, you’ll be able to enjoy sweets for quite a while!

3) Veggies: Fresh, frozen, or canned, microwaved with some seasonings and a little oil or butter and paired with some carbs and/or protein and you’re set!

4) Rice/Pasta: These can often be purchased as premade sides but can also be cooked from a clean slate by following instructions on the packaging.

5) “Baked” Potatoes: Microwave 5 minutes on each side after poking a few holes with a fork and you’re ready to go!

With some basic seasonings (garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, butter, maybe a hot sauce), you can mix and match these ideas to make endless meal options!


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