Colorful and Comfortable

By: Grace Paar

The clothes that are taking campus by storm are lounge wear that can function in any situation. If you are walking up Bascom Hill to class or heading to the dining hall on a hungover Sunday morning, comfortable is the trend that is be all over campus.

Experiment with color

The biggest trend I remember seeing freshman year was colorful jogger sweat pants. Every girl and guy owned a unique pair that matched well with different colored tops. I felt completely left out because I only had black and grey sweatpants, which was very boring. The bottoms could be paired with oversized graphic hoodies to create the oversized look, or a small tank to still show off some skin. Sweatpants will never go out of style and especially now that comfort is valued more, due to the fact we were stuck in our homes for so long, they will be even more popular this year.

(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

A heads up

Another comfortable trend I wish I had known was the beanie hat trend. I was completely unaware neon beanie hats were everyones go to winter accessory but I was quickly informed it was a necessity. It gets cold early in Wisconsin and a good hat is something very important. It will keep your head warm and can elevate a boring outfit by adding a pop of color and somewhat hide your face, which is helpful for early morning classes.

Madison fashion is about being comfortable while also have a sense of style that is unique. It is important to stay true to yourself when entering college, but you can gather inspiration from the people around you to put your own spin on popular trends.

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