College Library 3rd floor

Freshman year is a tough one for many reasons, but the most daunting one is studying. Learning time management might possibly be the hardest task faced freshman year. Most of us upperclassmen haven’t even mastered time management yet! When I was a freshman, the allotted hours between classes were what really killed me. I would walk back to Witte after class, lay in my bed and watch Netflix. Not only did my grades suffer, but so did my health.

Sophomore year I tried something different. Instead of heading back to apartment, I would take the hours between classes to go to College Library. At first glance one might ask, “You have a break between classes, why would you go to a library?”. But, once you have experienced the notorious College Library third floor, you’ll come to love it as much as I do.

College library is a great place to accomplish busy work like worksheets, flashcards, or group work, but it’s not always the best for silent studying because of the social aspect. Helen C. White (College Library) is also known as the “social” library. The third floor is coined as the greek floor because everyone knows everyone and its a social gathering even though you’re studying. Some of my best memories have been doing group work in the library and messing around with my friends. College Library is also in a great location right in-between most people’s classes.

Taking a social break in-between classes is healthy for the mind and a great study break. So, next time you have time to kill try the third floor!


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