College food pro-tips: 4 Meals, 4 Ingredients, 4 dollars– all 4 you!

Although no one in college would like to believe it, it is true, we are all broke. If you aren’t broke you either work endlessly or you happen to have some nice money laying around, either way I guarantee these four recipes are sure to fit into your everyday life, while keeping your wallet afloat, and your stomach happy.

Myself being a fan of anything that originates from Italy, I made the pasta myself and it did not disappoint. Along with the quesadilla and panini, I was hooked. If none of these meals made your mouth water I am sure there is something for you on their channel, here are some examples.

-10 creative recipes using just an egg (

-How to live on $3 a day (

– and last but not least…. How to make Taco Bell’s entire menu at home. (

From crafty pasta to packed quesadillas Brothers Green Eats takes less than ten minutes to deliver you four delicious recipes that require four ingredients or less and will not cost you more than four dollars—all while cracking some jokes and having fun. Brothers Green Eats is a channel ran by two gentlemen fresh into the real world, they deliver weekly videos on how to make gourmet tasting food in easy and relatively cheap fashion. In other words, they connected with me immediately and, hopefully, will resonate with you as well. Happy cooking, and play some Pokemon-Go as you walk to get the ingredients for your next cheap and easy meal.


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