Charge up! It’s About To Be a Great Freshmen Year!

Preparing to move into college as a new freshman at UW was honestly a stressful period of my life. My internal contradictory arguments of whether I was bringing too much or not bringing enough was constantly playing through my mind. As I have grown older I have come to realize how exciting it truly is to move into college as a freshman, and how being stressed is easily avoidable. 

When going through a packing list it is important to ensure you are packing the most essential items that are necessary for day-to-day life— and trust me, I learned that the hard way!

An indispensable item that I could not have survived freshmen year, and any other year of college, without is my outlet extension cord. This may sound silly, but this extension cord contains numerous outlets facilitating the ability to simultaneously charge difference devices. Moving into college, it quickly became apparent how little outlets there are in a dorm room. When I say there are barely any outlets, I mean BARELY any outlets. This product was something that I truly could not live freshmen year without. Not only are they indispensable, but they are inexpensive. The outlet power strip I purchased was from Belkin, and priced at $5.99. There are also others such as the Utilitech 6-Outlet power strip that only costs $3.97. 

When I say these are necessary for college I mean it. Go out, get your outlet strip, and have a powerful freshmen year!

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