Channing Tatum has a Helpful Dorm Preparation Tip

You may be familiar with one of the opening scenes from 22 Jump Street which involves Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill listing off useful dorm items. Due to the vulgarity of the movie, I won’t link to it but I’m sure you’re able to find it on your own time. Anyway, during the scene, they list off a pop-up hamper, which I found to be an extremely helpful item during my freshman year of college.

Space is everything.

In the dorm, space is everything. You’ll soon find the importance of neatly organizing your items to allow for as much space as possible. If you want to be like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers and have a lot of space for activities, you need to bring items that are easily put away. A pop-up hamper takes virtually no space when closed, allowing for easy organization.

Find the best deal.

Pop-up hampers aren’t expensive items. It’s easy to search on Amazon to find the best deal. You’ll be able to save money if you buy your dorm items online but if you are more concerned with having your items right at this moment, visit Target or Walmart where they start at about $8.

Make sure the items you purchase for your dorm room all fall under the same category of easy storage and convenience. If you don’t do this you’ll have a very claustrophobic experience because the dorm rooms definitely aren’t known for there excess of space.

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