Broke Badger on a Budget: Where to Thrift at UW Madison!

We all know that college is anything but cheap, so the added stress of trying to fit in with the latest fashion trends certainly doesn’t help. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered for those days where you desperately need to find a new outfit for Friday night, but also need to make your money stretch until next semester.

So how does a badger on a budget find what they’re looking for? Here are my top 3 places to thrift at Madison. 

Vintage, Recycled Clothing on State Street

Ragstock is perfect for finding cute clothes, accessories, or even Halloween costumes. With new clothes added every time you go, you’re destined to find something just for you. If vintage clothes are your thing, give it a try!
  • Ragstock, 329 State Street  

Buy, Sell, & Trade at Rethreads

A new sweatshirt at the bookstore is at least $50, but more often than not you can find donated Badger gear right at Rethread, perfect for game day! Trade in one of your own Badger hoodies for a new (donated) one or sell it and make some cash!
  • Rethreads, 410 State Street

Pay by the Pound at Dig & Save

Looking for something fun to do with your friends? Take the bus to Dig & Save, the cheapest thrift store you’ll ever find. All clothing is only $1.25 per pound- talk about a steal! Sift through bins of clothes until you find your perfect outfit. And make sure to bring your reusable bags with you!

  • Dig & Save, 1900 S Park St

Looking cute does not have to be expensive- next time you’re walking down State Street with your friends and they want to stop at Urban Outfitters, ask them to try a new thrift shop with you! 

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