Binge-worthy show? Look no further

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a couch potato, but on the occasion, I am known to fall in love with a TV show. I will watch said TV show every night when I am unwinding after work or school, episode by episode, day after day until I get to the very end. This has been a great way to put my mind at ease and just drool a little bit because hey, we all need to give our brain a little rest. If you are planning on being “a work hard play hard” student, then you need a TV show you rely on to be there at the end of another long day. That TV show for me was “BoJack Horseman.”

Yeah, I get it, it’s a show that involves cartoon animals with human qualities, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I can assure you that this is no kid’s show. As the creator remarked in an interview “you take away the whole cartoon aspect of the show and it’s really about genuine people who face problems that exist in our real world.” I must tell you that this show does have topics and conversations that can be triggering at times. From adultery to forced adoptions, to even drug addiction, there is nothing off-limits with this show. Also, be forewarned, do not anticipate an episode to end with everything being tied up into a neat, happy resolution. This is the type of show that you watch not because you want to but because you have to. If you are anything like me, you start to identify with the characters in the show and begin to care about them which can feel strange at first, even though some of them are talking cats and horses (there are humans too just to mix things up a bit). Also, the voice acting in this show isn’t cheesy either, when you hear the tone in some of these actors’ voices, it can feel very real. Lastly, the art design of the show itself is pleasing to the eye and will never feel unpleasant after watching dozens of episodes back to back.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear for a character every once a while. I would also be lying if I said this show didn’t have me stepping away with a new perspective on things. Yes, a cartoon show about animals and humans coexisting going through real-world problems changed the way I look at things. This is one of the very many reasons I loved this show so much.

If you can get into BoJack Horseman after the first couple of episodes, there is no turning back. Enjoy now and thank me later.

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