As Rihanna Once Said, “You Can Stand Under My Umbrella”

This may seem like a small and unimportant item, but don’t be mistaken, you will come to find that an umbrella is a must have while in college! Many, like myself, didn’t even realize that they needed an umbrella until that unfaithful day when they stepped outside and it was pouring rain. Even better, you had a 10 minute walk to class and were about to risk getting everything in your backpack soaked, including your notes and computer. It is in this moment that a simple object, such as an umbrella, becomes the thing you wish you had the most.

Umbrella’s don’t have to be purely functional! There are many different kinds of umbrellas and you can purchase a cute, colorful one that fits your style. You can go with a fashionable one to show off your personality, or you can go with a plain one. I would recommend getting a mini umbrella that you can store in your backpack so you’re ready anytime it starts to rain, which could happen just as you’re trying to walk home from class.

Not only can umbrellas be functional AND fashionable, they will also help save your bank account! Instead of spending all that money on Uber rides during the month of “April showers”, you’ll be able to save money by using your umbrella to get you home while remaining nice and (for the most part) dry. You also won’t have to potentially buy a new computer, which could get wet and break if your walking home in a torrential downpour.

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