Adulting Life hack: Cooking

Something many of us neglect learning through our adolescence is something so basic and necessary for our own existence. This is the art of feeding ourselves, AKA: Cooking. I for one did not even learn this during my freshman year as I would just go to the Dining Halls and buy the food there. Notwithstanding the fact that food in the Dining Halls can keep you alive and if living in the dorms is very affordable. We hate to break it to you, but there is going to be a time where there won’t be a dining hall or parents to cook for you, and this for some of us comes later in our lives and to other while they are growing up.

In my case it came when I accepted an internship in the far-away land of Chile. The first half-month I would get delivered Domino’s to my place and it was enjoyable at first. However, after a few days of binging on solely Domino’s and the occasional burger, I became tired of it, that and my bank account wasn’t very happy with the situation.

The beginning of your cooking career might be wretched as mine (I burned everything, including a box dessert that only had two steps) but do not despair. Time and almost burning your kitchen a few times will teach you. I would recommend starting with the food you are used to, be it your parents’ food or your cultural one and from there branch out.

I started cooking as a need, but nowadays I do it not only to feed myself but also because I enjoy it and after a long day working or studying it serves as a stress relief. Who knows? maybe it would be the same for you.

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