Adulting: Being ok with saying no

Yes is a great word. 

It’s with the word yes that we make great memories, start our dream job, fall in love and everything else in life that needs a take-off. 

I have never said the word yes more in my life than when I came to college. Yes to going out, yes to studying in my least favorite library, yes to a new game day shirt. I said yes so many times that eventually I ran out of yes’s to say.

I crucial part of growing up is saying no. It’s not the most glamorous, exhilarating, positive word, but it’s important. I try to look at the word “no” as a yes to something else (hopefully more important).

I believe learning to say the word no is an adulting life hack. The word no can mean getting your homework done, taking a nap, spending time alone, or with people you really enjoy! In a life filled with beautiful yes’s the word no can come as a breath of fresh air. 

In my own life, I have found saying no to things gives me more energy and allows me to be picky and kind of selfish with my time. In college, it can be really beneficial to put yourself first and take time out. 

I believe the most beneficial part of saying no, is that is gives you more energy and life when you do say yes. Doing things and being busy is great, but you are going to go crazy if you don’t take a break.

Yes is a great word, but no is a replenishing one.

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