Adulting at it’s Finest: Fresh Food

One thing I learned entering college is that dorm food gets old very quickly. My freshman year, I had a solid diet of non-perishables–which turns out to also not be a good idea. I am not here to preach about your diet or tell you what to buy, but this is more of a friendly reminder that you have other food options that your body and mind will thank you for. My mom always used to tell me that our eating habits at this point in our life influence our habits for the future. That really stuck with me. To me being an adult, a functioning adult, is about having fruits and vegetables in my living quarters.

Many freshman may think that fresh food isn’t accessible due to cost or distance. Madison has an abundance of fresh food options that won’t break the bank. First off, do not go to Fresh Market; it’s not that fresh and super over priced. May through October Madison hosts a Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square. Here you have access to local and reasonably priced produce (plus bread and baked goods–‘adulting’ also means having a healthy balance, so enjoy the yummy too).

Off of campus, on a quick bus or bike ride, there are multiple groceries stores that range in price. Some of those stores are Trader Joe’s, Pick N Save, Whole Foods, Metcalfe’s, and the Willy Street Coop. So along with your cereal and pizza, eat some bananas, berries, root vegetables, greens, and so on. Eating local is also a fun way of getting to know what Wisconsin has to offer–exploring through food is fun!

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