A Clean Dorm Room is a Happy Dorm Room

So you are a Freshman at UW Madison. This probably the first time you’ve lived without your parents. This is a lot to take in. It was for me when I lived in a dorm my Freshman year. One thing that helped me cope with all of these new responsibilities and independence was keeping my dorm clean. This may seem pretty obvious, but I noticed many benefits to keeping a clean and organized dorm.

  1. It keeps your mind organized. Keeping your dorm organized and tidy will also help you manage your new busy schedule. I hung up a dry erase board calendar to write down everything I needed to do each week. My desk was always organized so when it was time to do an assignment or study for an exam, I had a clean, distraction free place to do so.
  2. It helps with anxiety. If you are anything like me, I had a lot of anxiety my first couple months of college. So many things changed all at once and it was hard for me to adjust right away. Cleaning always help me with my anxiety. Keeping my dorm clean helped me relax and take my mind off the things making me anxious.
  3. Your roommate will like you more. Keeping a clean space will not only benefit you, but it will benefit the relationship you and your roommate have. When my friends would vent to me about their roomates, 99% of the time it was because their roommate is messy. So keeping a clean room will keep you and your roommate happy. 🙂

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