5 Madison Spots for a Nighttime Curd Crawl

If Bucky is the University of Wisconsin mascot, then fried cheese curds are the mascot of the state of Wisconsin. As the quintessential Wisconsin snack, there’s no better comfort food to eat on a cold winter night. Instead of going on a bar crawl, go on a cheese curd crawl all around Madison! It’s way more fun and definitely a lot more delicious. Here are 5 spots to go with your crawl crew for the best cheese curds in Madison:

1. State Street Brats

Start your crawl on State Street where you can sit in a booth, watch sports, and dine on some curds. As a bonus, they come with carrots and celery to start your crawl off with some greens!

2. Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry

Head over to this longtime favorite spot in Madison next to try their amazing cheese curds…and you may have to cave in and order one of their irresistible burgers too!

3. Nitty Gritty Restaurant and Bar

Just down the block, Nitty Gritty serves up some great cheese curds, in addition to beers and cocktails. If it happens to be your birthday, you’ll even receive a complimentary birthday beer!

4. The Old Fashioned Tavern and Restaurant

The next stop is The Old Fashioned, a Wisconsin-themed restaurant nestled on the Capitol Square. It’s said to house some of the best cheese curds in Madison. Try these with the paprika sauce and you may be hooked forever!

5. Graze

Also on the Capitol Square, make sure to end your crawl at Graze for a modern, farm-to-table twist on the classic favorite!


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