4 Ways to be Social… in an “Antisocial” Dorm

Every dorm on campus has a stereotype. Whether it’s quiet and boring or loud and obnoxious, no one really knows what the dorm is like unless they live in it. The dorms are truly what you make of it. Here are 4 ways to be social in an “antisocial” dorm.

1. Get out there

Everyone is just as nervous to make friends as you are so there is no need to stress out about approaching new people. Step out of your comfort zone by introducing yourself to your neighbors, keeping your door open, and saying hi to everyone that you pass in the hall.

2. Exchange social media

Our society relies heavily on interaction via social media. If you are too nervous to confront a new friend on your floor, give them a follow on Instagram! Following each other on social media will familiarize you to one another thus feeling more comfortable to reach out to hang out.

3. Participate in events

House Fellows always create events for residents to participate in. For example, my roommates and I took a bus with our dorm to play laser tag. We met so many great people on our floor that we would have never otherwise talked to. It is a great and fun way to meet people, plus it gets you off campus.

Group of kids playing laser tag

4. Host your own events

One way that really helped my roommates and I become close to our floor is to invite people over. We would rent out mario kart and have tournaments in our room or host Bachelor Mondays. Inviting people over is one large step towards a great friendship.

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