4 Must-Try Poke Places in Madison

Are you looking for a healthy, yet delicious meal near campus? Over the past few months, there has been a surge of several new restaurants offering poke bowls opening around the UW-Madison campus. As a perfect combination of healthiness, freshness, and flavor, poke bowls are the perfect option for lunch or dinner! Check out these 4 spots offering variations on the classic make-your-own-bowl:

1. Poke It Up

Having just opened a couple weeks ago, this new poke spot on University Avenue has become a great campus edition. Poke It Up even offers a modern twist on the classic poke bowl with the choice of a burrito instead! 

2. Miko Poke

On Monroe Street, Miko Poke is a short drive from campus, but offers great fish and veggie options. Try their flavored Hawaiian shaved ice for a sweet treat after your bowl! If you don’t feel like leaving your apartment, you can even order your meal for delivery via EatStreet.

3. Poke Plus & Teriyaki

At the center of off-campus dining, this new poke spot on State Street offers the classic build your own poke bowl. Unlike the other spots, Poke Plus & Teriyaki even offers the option of cooked teriyaki dishes. With delicious toppings and flavors, this is sure to be a convenient and healthy spot all year-round!

4. Poke Poke

On Williamson Street, this fairly new poke restaurant offers a range of ingredients for all the bowls. For dessert, they even offer various flavors of mochi, including strawberry, mango, green tea, red bean, or chocolate.

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