3 Tips to Ace your College Courses!

Everyone gets stressed over grades in college. However, you can overcome these stresses by optimizing your study process.

Here are 3 tips you should know to ace a college course

  1. Go to class!

I always looked forward to not being required to go to class in college. However, not going to class is the most detrimental factor in your final grade. By going to class, you learn what the professor emphasizes and stresses as important for upcoming tests and assignments. By not going to class, you will be lost. So set your alarm clocks and make it to your next lecture

Undergraduates kick off a new academic year on the first day of class in a Nutritional Sciences 132: Nutrition Today course taught by senior lecturer Peter Anderson in Agricultural Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Sept. 2, 2011. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

  1. Take notes!

Notes have a direct impact on your success in a course. But not just any notes. It is better to hand write your notes in class instead of using your computer. According to a new study conducted by Mueller and Oppenheimer, people remember lectures better when they’ve taken handwritten notes, rather than typed ones. You are less distracted by being online and are more focused on the class material.


A student in professor Anthony Ives zoology class takes notes on April 2, 2008 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ©UW-Madison University Communications 608/262-0067 Photo by: Bryce Richter Date:  04/08    File#:   D3 digital camera frame 2392

  1. Do not procrastinate!

Procrastinating is terrible for your grade. You must not wait to the last minute. Write down in your schedule when your upcoming assignments and exams are, and plan accordingly with enough time to do your best work.

So there it is. If you follow these 3 tips, you will be more successful in college courses. Take my advice; you’ll thank me later.

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