3 Things You Need to Know About Anatomy 337

Anatomy 337 may seem daunting but in reality, it can be easily conquered due to the collaborative nature of the class and the great study tools provided. Here are some facts about the course if you are looking into taking the class or wondering if it is something that will benefit you:


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  • Class Description and Credits
    • Anatomy 337 is a decently sized 3-credit course with about 200 students in each of the lectures offered. The course is recommended for students interested in entering any type of medical field from biomedical engineering to occupational therapy.  It focuses on anatomical systems and how they function but does not delve into the chemistry behind them.  Anatomy 337 is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
  • Professors and Exams
    • The class is taught by two professors: Professor Stamm and Professor Hills-Meyer.  They are both super friendly and try their best to answer all questions and concerns about the content.  They tend to trade off teaching the lectures but all the exams are written by both of them to avoid differing types of exam questions. There are four exams with 60 multiple choice questions each.
  • Collaboration and Studying
    • Collaboration with other students is a critical part of this course. There are collaboration questions that should be brought to class and the Professors allow breaks in lecture for students to work together on these. There are also peer-learning groups for students that would benefit from structured study time.  The homework questions are very similar to the content on exams and it really helps to repeat the homework several times while studying.

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