3 Resourceful Study Tips

You live during a time of unlimited resources. A major key to mastering college is learning how to be resourceful because the more preparation material you have, the greater chance you’ll be ready for anything on the exam. Here are 3 tips for being resourceful in college.

Make sure you grab a study guide.

Teachers most likely will have a study guide for the exam. It’s important to know every topic in the guide. Fill out the study guide and add other topics that come to mind while you’re studying because most often then not, the study guide won’t have everything you need to know.

Use sites like Quizlet to search for other study guides.

This is where you learn to be resourceful. Quizlet.com is a site that allows you to not only create a study guide but also view other guides that have already been created. Search for the title of your class followed by “UW” to find relevant guides. Remember not to solely rely on someone else’s guide. Use it to add to yours.

Have a 1-on-1 with the professor before the exam.

After you’ve done some studying and have a good basis for the content, schedule a time or email your professor any remaining questions you have. Most professors would love to help you out, especially if you give your current understanding of the topic without asking what something is complete.


These 3 tips are important if you want to master your exams. Good luck, college goes fast!

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