3 credits, 2 hours, 1 day: Why Curric 209 Should Be On Your Transcript

A lot of my friends and classmates want to graduate with a certificate in Digital Studies. I too am hoping to have that extra resume builder added onto my transcript when I graduate next spring. Though it may sound like a certificate that is full of interesting classes packed with usable information, some of the classes require a knowledge of coding or specific technologies. However, if you are looking for a different approach to digital studies, Curric 209 may be the class for you.

Curric 209: Digital Media and Literacy

When I was first looking for classes to satisfy my Digital Studies requirement, I was put off by the three hours a day for one day a week format in which this class is taught. But Professor Erica Halverson did an awesome job of keeping students engaged and interested, and she even let us out early most days. I learned about the different ways that digital media changes the way students learn and the benefits and drawbacks of using technology in the classroom. Our grades were based on 5 assignments that were thought-provoking and fun to complete.

Digital Media affects personal and professional lives.

Curric 209 is a 3 credit, spring semester class. It was a great way to help me get closer to my Digital Studies certificate. It doesn’t matter which field or industry you’re going into post-graduation. The reality is that technology and digital media are becoming a staple of the professional world. Give yourself a leg up and learn more about Digital Media!

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