Find Your Place on Campus: Online Ways to Connect With Your Fellow Students

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Utilizing online platforms and social media groups is an easy way to connect with other students, especially coming to a new campus as a freshman. You can engage in conversations, ask questions, or share your personal experiences. Connecting online can make you feel safer expressing your interests and asking questions rather than doing it in person, which can be daunting on a new campus!


Reddit is an online forum where users can ask and answer questions, join subreddits centered around specific topics, and share their personal experiences on campus. UW Madison students on Reddit have even come together to create a map of microwaves available to use on campus, also including computer labs and fridges!


Many organizations on campus have Instagram pages about what they do, how to join, and upcoming events. Using Instagram can make it easier for new students to determine which organizations are the right fit for them. The messaging feature on Instagram can also help users connect with leaders of clubs for any questions or concerns they might have.


Facebook is a great place to see upcoming events on campus and join groups that might not necessarily be organizations or clubs. Facebook is also frequently used by universities themselves to post, live stream, and give updates for official campus events, where users can connect with like-minded students.

Being new on campus doesn’t have to be lonely. Whether you prefer to connect with people online or in person, putting yourself out there can be scary but rewarding. If you prefer to go the online route, these examples will hopefully give you a good place to start connecting!

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