Wearing Fashionable Loungewear on Campus

At the beginning of my freshman year, I just wanted to roll out of bed for my freshman classes in sweats and a sweatshirt. While I was wearing pajamas, other girls were also wearing loungewear, but it seemed way more cute and fashionable than what I was wearing. Now going into my Junior year at UW Madison, if you want to look fashionable in your loungewear, here are some places that I have learned to buy cute loungewear in over the past two years.

Thrift Stores

As broke college students, thrift stores are always a cheap and useful option to find loungewear. Most thrift stores have tons of cute sweatshirts that you can get for under $10. One of my favorite thrift stores in Madison is Dig & Save. This store sells their clothes for $1.25/pound in all of their clothing bins. You can find some awesome deals in this store.

Small Businesses

You can always find some great loungewear made by small businesses. Especially during COVID-19, these places are looking for business and you can find some cute loungewear by shopping there. Two small businesses that I like to buy loungewear from are Lonely Ghost Co. and MANCHILD Skateboard Co.

Famous Brands

You can find tons of loungewear options in fast fashion, the other options just offer cheaper ideas. If you are planning on buying loungewear from well-known brands, some of my favorites are leggings from Lululemon and Athleta, and trendy, comfortable sweats from Brandy Melville.

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