The Best of Both Worlds When Battling the Snow – Chelsea Boots

You can’t come to UW-Madison without preparing yourself for the brutal winters here. Jackets, coats, long johns, gloves are all important, but nothing sucks more than cold feet. Keeping your feet warm can be done with some good socks and snow boots, but clunky snow boots are far from practical when you need to wear them for 5 months straight of walking around campus.

Given my own taste, as well as what’s popular, Chelsea boots are great middle point to help solve that problem.

Casual yet cozy

Imagine putting together a nice little fit in your dorm before you head to class to interact with some of the first people you meet at college and the fit is topped off with some bricks on your feet. That’s what I felt like before I got myself some Chelsea boots.

My feet were warm, yes, but my confidence was cold. Before I discovered boots that were flexible with different styles of clothing, there was a period where I gave up on my snow boots because of how goofy I felt and wore normal shoes. I don’t know about you, but I hate that feeling when my toes are so cold that they feel like they’ve inflated into individual balloons that I no longer can move them.

My last thoughts on the Chelsea boots is that if your final hesitation on pulling the trigger on a pair is that they seem too formal or fashion-forward for your style, think of it as an opportunity to upgrade your look. Chelsea boots can be a stepping stone for you towards a new look that’s more synced up with the times.

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