Explore Black Popular Music with Afro-American Studies 156

Alexander Shashko is the Best!

What a class! If you like to learn more about the origins of hip-hop rap, jazz, and rock n roll came to be this is the perfect class to be in. The professor, Alexander Shashko, really knows his history and is always enthusiastic to share his own personal music views with the class. The dates referred to is from 1945 to the present day and how music has been shaped during this period.

Did you know he is one of few people who votes on who goes into the rock and roll hall of fame?!

File:New Edition All Six.png - Wikimedia Commons
New Edition

Pretty sick isn’t it?

While in the class I learned so many interesting facts like how rock n roll was in fact started by African Americans and how famous record companies started. I took this 3-credit class during the fall semester and it was honestly the best decision. He played Thriller by Michael Jackson!!

This class should be available fall 2020 and is a great class to learn about previous black artists and current ones too.

If you like rap, Biggie and Tupac were talked about a lot which was honestly my favorite section of the class.

If you like R&B, then Michael Jackson and so many others were introduced to us while at lecture.

How Tupac and Biggie Went from Friends to Deadly Rivals - VICE
Tupac and Biggie

Why this Class Would Be Great

What made this class so unique was that we watched many music videos and the professor would tell us the message that the artist tried to convey in their music video. Honestly best class on campus!

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