Laundry Life Hacks

Ah, yes, my least favorite day of the week. No, it’s not Mondays. Nope, not exam days. My least favorite day of the week by far was whatever day I had to do my laundry.

You see, it’s not the actual doing-my-laundry part I despised. Nope. It was the fact that I lived on the ninth floor of my dorm, combined with a heavy load of laundry I had to lug everywhere. Oh, and sometimes I’d forget my WisCard, or all the washers/dryers would be running.

To combat my washing woes, I had to figure out a solution to save a little time and effort. With some trial and error, I finally came up with a system that worked for me.

  1. Get a rolling laundry basket! This makes any college student’s life 100 times easier. Rather than lugging around a heavy, boring laundry basket, putting it on wheels is more convenient and way easier,
  2. Double your laundry basket as a hamper. With limited surface area in dorm closets, making the most out of a small space is pretty much a must. Using the laundry basket as a place to store your dirty clothes consolidates everything.
  3. Know when to do your laundry! Friday nights or during the weekdays are by far the best times to do your laundry. Weekends are usually packed, so pick a time in between classes so you’re not stuck waiting for a washer to open up.

Laundry is not a fun chore to do, but these hacks make it more manageable. Check out this video for some more adulting life hacks.

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