Adulting? More Like Microwaving. Recipe How To

It’s hard leaving the comfort of home and your own kitchen where you know your way around. It’s always easier to whip something up when you have a stocked pantry and full kitchen. Although dining halls exist, and there’s normally a communal kitchen somewhere nearby, I never felt that I was getting what I needed from these resources.

Hopefully you’ve seen our blog post about what kinds of foods are great in your freshman dorm microwave. If not, check it out! In this post I give a quick how-to of my personal favorite well-rounded microwave meal, a play on stir fry.

First, the ingredients. My favorite combination included rice, broccoli, bell pepper, water chestnut, tofu, and of course soy sauce/stir fry sauce. I always bought my vegetables frozen so they would last, and the sauces will store for a long time in the fridge as well.

Step 1: Make your rice! Follow the directions on the package for cooking in the microwave.

Step 2: Combine frozen veggies and steam. Make sure you add water to the bowl on this step, as most package directions recommend.

Step 3: Add protein! This is important for a well-rounded diet, and easy to forget. You could add meat to your stir fry, but I prefer tofu.

Step 4: Sauce it up! The most important part is the flavor.

And there you have it! Enjoy your microwaved meal and don’t forget to open a window so that your roommate isn’t met with too much scent as they enter the room.

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